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Mass Anarchy Wrestling was founded in spring 2012 by life-long wrestling fan, David Lastasis, & semi-retired pro wrestler, Gerry Charlotin. The original name or the organization was to be call Total Anarchy Wrestling, but Charlotin vetoed that choice & instead, proposed Mass Anarchy Wrestling. Lasstasis liked the double entendre. Charlotin designed the logo & the wheels where set in motion.

MAW held its first event, “Genesis”, in Westfield, MA. Battle royal winners, Major Payne & Bobby Blayze, were set to face off in the Main Event to crown the inaugural MAW Champion. However, Blayze suffered a broken arm folioing the Battle Royal when he performed a suicide dive on Payne. Battle Royal runner-up, Señor En Fuego, was placed in the Main Event as a substitute for Blayze. Fuego emerged as the Main Event winner& first MAW World Champion.

From 2012-2014, MAW would hold events in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, NewHampshire & Connecticut. MAW even partnered with Empire State Wrestling in New York to hold three joint events that featured an MAW innovation. MAW/ESW - “Assimilation” saw Señor En Fuego defeat Bear Stanton to become the unified MAW/ESW World Champion. ESW soon ceased operations.

In March 2014, following MAW - “Battleground” in South Portland, ME, Lastasis announced his intentions to cease business operations. Charlotin Offered to take over & keep the company going. Lastasis sold the MAW name & assets to charlatan for an undisclosed sum. During the transition, MAW did not hold any events for approximately seven months. As a result, the wrestlers on the MAW roster all left the organization, except for Señor En Fuego. He continued to defend the MAW Championship in other organizations. The other Championships where abandoned & then Vacated.

In the summer of 2014, Charlotin partnered with his long-time friend &past opponent, John Parrish. Their dream was to revive MAW & make it an organization that entertained wrestling fans, as well as further the careers of independent pro wrestlers. That dream became a reality on October 25, 2014 when MAW - “Out Of The Ashes” emanated from the Chop Shop in Providence, RI.

Now in 2016, MAW is thriving & maintains a constant presence on social media through a Facebook page, YouTube Channel & their website. With the top notch video production talents of Dan Groom & ParaAct Entertainment, a home-base in the Chop Shop & the in-ring Performances of the talented MAW roster, the sky is the limit.


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