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GC Knight Returns

March 20, 2016 Posted by: Boardofdirectors

GC Knight made a shocking return at MAW – “End Game” to announce his candidacy for the position of Commissioner in the upcoming election. Nearly one year earlier, Knight was sent into forced retirement, losing a career match to Dominic DeLano at MAW – “Spring Breakdown”. By choosing to wrestle DeLano, Knight became a member of the active roster & gave up his position as Commissioner. The MAW Board of Directors then appointed Ring Announcer, Scotty Boxes, to the position, avoiding a potential leadership gap & the usual election process that takes place in June.



GC Knight for Commissioner

Boxes was a shoe-in to retain his position as Commissioner as he was running unopposed. The little-known election process, that takes place every year, would have never come up without Knight’s return & subsequent announcement. Having been the former Commissioner, Knight knew that his best chance to get back in “the game” was to run for the office, right now.


    As Boxes was closing out MAW – “End Game”, the familiar 6-second countdown echoed through the Chop Shop & then Knight’s music played. He came through the curtain as both Boxes & Tony Clash looked on with shocked looks on their faces. Knight shook hands with several members of the crowd before admiring his long lost surroundings. Knight acknowledged his past transgressions & made it clear that he deserved what was his ultimate fate. Knight gave credit to Boxes for being a good Commissioner, but stated that he wanted another chance to be a full time part of MAW.


    Boxes was immediately on the defensive, which is peculiar as he is immensely popular with the MAW fan base. So true that an organic, “SCOTTY… BOXES…” chant broke out when Knight mentioned the job he was doing. Does Boxes feel threatened by Knight? Is he not as confident as he should be in his performance as Commissioner over the past year? One thing is certain, the next two months until the election will be exceptionally interesting. Let the campaigning begin!

For continuing election coverage, please keep checking back.

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