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Middlesex Express:

More than we think

Middlesex Express MAW Mass Anarchy Wrestling
March 29,2016 by Jason Chain

On their debut appearance, the “Middlesex Express” accomplished something never before seen in the annals of pro wrestling; becoming MAW World Tag Team Champions without even having competed in a match. By taking out the reigning champions & the other contenders, they schemed their way to the titles on a technicality by being the only team standing. On top of that, they got themselves counted out against the unwilling partnership of Judge Chambers of “War Court” & Ronnie Ribs of “The Fellowship”, during their first title defense, in order to save their titles. So, we would be led to believe that “The Hot Rod” Steven Broad & “The Right Stuff” Steven Lust would have little to offer.



At MAW – “End Game” on Sunday, March 20th the “Middlesex Express” successfully defended their titles against “The Fellowship” in a No DQ & No Count-Out match. Dom Paretti of “Dom-N-Nate” was the special guest referee & he didn’t quite call the match down the middle, making slow counts during “Middlesex Express” pin attempts. Later the “Middlesex Express” defeated former champions, “War Court” in a regular match that they didn’t know would be taking place. Considering that the deck was deservedly stacked against them by Commissioner Scotty Boxes, the “Middlesex Express” proved that they actually deserve to be MAW World Tag Team Champions.



The “Middlesex Express” found a way to win both matches at MAW – “End Game” & that’s all that matters. Their detractors may point out that Psymon Bates caused a distraction during their bout against “The Fellowship”, but with No DQ rules in place, that’s not a valid excuse. If winning matches is the measuring stick, then the “Middlesex Express” are already ahead of the game.


Broad & Lust don’t need anyone arguing on their behalf as they’re more than capable, brash & loud enough to do it themselves. It remains to be seen how long they can hold on to the World Tag Team Titles as neither “War Court” nor “The Fellowship” are firmly in their rearview mirror. However, if they keep on winning, they will make believers out of all us “chuds” & “chudettes”.

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